The day when Chuck Norris cut ties with South Korea

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In early seventies (around 1973) Chuck Norris organized a a black belt test for Tang Soo Do students, and they asked them to be there one hour before the test for an interesting meeting.

as it was and still going for the Kukkiwon black belts in the world, students do tests in their countries and send application and fee to the Kukkiwon in Korea to get the certificates, that was the same thing for the Tang Soo Do students in America, but things would not be the same after 1973.
In that meeting They announced that Chuck Norris decided to break ties with South Korea, which shocked the students who were there for the test, especially that many Tang Soo Do practitioners feel connected somehow to Korea and its culture, and it is normal to feel shocked because Korea in the mother land of Tang Soo Do (which is one of the Kwans that formed Taekwondo later).

So they asked students to choose between staying with Korea and being certified by the Korea organization or to move on with Chuck Norris new organization, so the third decided to stay with Korea while two 1/3 decided to be with Chuck Norris to form the American Tang Soo Do National Congress.
They call this Korean martial art by Tang Soo Do Karate which is kind of tradition simply because karate is Japanese.
We really do not have information why Chuck Norris decided to break the ties with the mother land of Tang Soo Do, would it be for business purposes? or would it be caused by political issues that hits martial arts?
Please if you have any idea about this feel free to share that with us.

Here is a video of  a Tang Soo Do grand master talking about this split, that happened when he was doing the black belt test in 1973, and talking about things he witnessed.