Nick Newell, The one arm fighter

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The one arm beast can knockout and knock down MMA fighters 😳

Nick Newell is a good example of real martial arts warrior with the indomitable spirit. To have the courage to fight in MMA with the ability to use only
 right punch or elbow is something amazing.
The fights in mixed martial arts is a serious thing and even tough fighters with all physical abilities get destroyed in the ring.

Nick Newell is an American martial artist born in Milford, Connecticut (17-03-1986), and has signed to Bellator mixed martial arts in the lightweight division competition.
Newell was born with congenital amputation of his left arm, which ends just below his elbow. Newell has a very short yet muscular stump of his forearm which he learned from a young age to grasp objects with. 

The lesson that we can get from this example is that nothing can stop us, we should just believe in our dreams and work hard to realize them
Lets watch the video.

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