Donnie Yen's son is practicing Taekwondo and not Wing Chun

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Donnie Yen is a very famous and talented actor and martial artist from Hong kong, well known for his impressive role in the Ip Man 4 movies, where he had the role of the master of the iconic Bruce Lee.

Donnie's first style is Wing Chun which is the style of Ip Man and also Bruce Lee. Donnie's son James is practicing Taekwondo and not Wing Chun, He is around 12 years now and he did earn his black belt, and his parents revealed that they did not push him to pick a martial art they want, but it was his decision to choose any martial art he wants. It happened ones that Donnie Yen posted a picture about his son during the Taekwondo Red Belt grading.
This is a good example about how parents should support their kids to do what they like the most. Some parents would force their kids to practice a certain sport or a martial art, without paying attention that kids can have their own favorite activities.

Some students who practice certain activities with the pressure and the push of their parents without their desire may have some problems with their masters.
This is James picture during the red belt test.


  1. Donnie yen was a wushu champion. But his first art was taichi taught by her mother. He practiced different martial arts at sixteen hewhe started taekwondo... He studied wing chun when he was offered the role of ip man.

  2. Donnie Yen earned 6th dan in taekwondo, he won a gold medal in wushu. Black belt in judo and purple belt in bjj. These are his arts Tai Chi, Boxing, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Hapkido, Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Hung Ga, Sanda, Wing Chun and Wushu.

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