Jackie Chan (Kung Fu) vs his real life bodyguard (Taekwondo)

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Drunken master film is a very known film of Jackie Chan and the final fight was between him and his real life bodyguard ken lo.
In this fight Ken shows off a very impressive flexibility and also a good fighting performance.
Lets introduce Ken Lo to you.
Ken Lo is an impressive martial artist born to a Chinese Father and Laotian mother in Cambodia in March 19, 1957.

at the the age of 15 Ken's  family moved to Thailand (1975), after five years he went to Honk Kong and worked as a guide.
He was a huge Fan of Bruce Lee, which inspired him to practice Taekwondo and Muay Thai in Thailand and He won seven titles in the freestyle fighting championships.
Ken Lo was working in Hong Kong as a head of security in a disco, and it is where he met Jackie Chan who hired him as his personal bodyguard.

Ken was not only the bodyguard of Jackie Chan but also acted with him in several martial arts films, and the best of his participation was in drunken master. He also did over 80 films with other actors too.
Lets watch this impressive fight: