Graciela Ballesteros from Taekwondo to modeling

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Graciela Ballesteros Castro started practcing Karate at the age of 9 with her masters Armando Medina Arzola and Armando Medina Verastegui,  later she started Taekwondo and has participated in national competitions and international events.
graciela is black belt 2nd Dan of Karate and 2nd Dan soon 3rd Dan of Taekwondo".
At the age of 18 she opened her school which is very too early, because that age is still a period of learning and the person would not be mature enough to teach, and it was too difficult for her because she has other things to do such university studies, asking for permission to skip classes, and travel to compete.

The beauty matter was not planned, and she was not a fan of beauty events and it was never a plan to participate in beauty events.
But her cousin Abelardo Bañuelos insisted that she join this new environment, so she decided to participate in those beauty events, and she began to be interested in the World of beauty pageants.
Many females in martial arts and Taekwondo move to modeling after a a carrier of competitions and fighting.
Athletes can easily join the World of beauty at least the physical part, because they have knowledge about losing weight by dieting and also by training.
Not only the  Taekwondo females are converting to modeling but other athletes from different sports and mixed martial arts fighters, can leave their first hobby and move to modeling :)

Some opinions would prefer that women stay away from fighting sports because it is taking the feminine side of women, while others do not have any issue to do what men do, including fight in Olympic Taekwondo or even fighting inside that MMA cage :)
Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts about this topic.
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