The secret fight between Bruce lee and Wong Jack Man

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Before going to the main topic of this article, i would like to remind you that many martial artists tried to show they are good by comparing themselves with Bruce Lee, or claiming they fought against him.
The fight of this topic was a secret fight with only few witnesses.

Wong jack Man is a Chinese martial artist and he was best known for his controversial duel with Bruce Lee in 1964. 
Wong was sent to Bruce lee by San Francisco China town elders to tell him to stop teaching Kung Fu to Caucasians and other races, and to keep his school open he should defeat Wong Jack Man.
Bruce Lee was only 24 years old when he claimed to be able to defeat any fighter in San Francisco during a demonstration he made in China town theater, and he opened a challenge. 

Wong Jack Man who was one year younger than Bruce accepted the challenge and request a public fight with Bruce Lee. later Bruce Lee invited Wong Jack Man to visit his school for the fight.
Wong Jack man tried to delay the match and asked to fight under certain rules such forbidding hitting the face, groin kicks, and eye jabs according to the author Norman Brine but Bruce Lee turned down the request.

According to his wife Lina Lee said that only few individuals witnessed this fight including  Cadwell, william Chen (Tsi Chi Chuan master),and James Lee and the fight lasted only three minutes
In an interview with ''Black Belt'' Bruce Lee talked about this fight without naming the challenger Wong Jack Man and said this:
"I'd gotten into a fight in San Francisco with a Kung-Fu cat, and after a brief encounter the son-of-a-bitch started to run. I chased him and, like a fool, kept punching him behind his head and back. Soon my fists began to swell from hitting his hard head. Right then I realized Wing Chun was not too practical and began to alter my way of fighting.

During  this time Bruce Lee was still training Wing Chun and his kicking abilities were not developed yet, according to David Chin, who arranged the match on Wong’s behalf, Bruce overwhelmed Wong with his opening series of attacks, causing Wong to turn his back and run. Bruce chased him around the room until Wong tripped and fell. Bruce jumped on top of Wong and rained down punches, forcing Chin to intervene and rescue Wong.
Here is a video talking about Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man fight:

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  1. Bias witness.
    I believe Wong's story than Lee's.

    There was another fight in Thailand during the shooting of Big Boss. I believe Lee got his ass kicked by the Muay Thai boxer. If Lee won they would be bragging about it, but nobody seemed to want to talk about it.
    The Thai was paid off and he was an honorable man who kept it secret.