Jean Claude Vandamme competing in 1979 Karate Championships

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Jean Claude Vandamme Competition 

Jean Claude Van Damme is a martial artist and actor from Belgium, born on 18 October 1960.
JCVD did many successful movies of many martial arts in 80s and 90s such as blood sport and Kick-boxer...

Jean Claude Van Damme did the competition during his youth and won many fights in Kickboxing and he 18 wins by knockout and one loss. and he competed in Amateur as well and won 44 fights and 4 losses.
He started Training Karate at the age of 10  and also kickboxing, he earned his black belt at the age of 18. Later he trained bodybuilding and won Mr Belgium competition title. JCVD also did ballet for five years, and ballet for him was one of the difficult sports.

Later he practiced Taekwondo and Muai Thai.
Even with a successful experience in competition, Jean Claude Vandamme retired so soon from competing and decided to move to the United States with his childhood friend Michael qissi to start a new carrier in Cinema and movies.
Lets go back to our main topic of Jean Claude competition :)
In this short footage Jean Claude Van Damme was a real fighter and artist in the fights, and we can see the impressive foot work he was doing, and his speed was honestly amazing.

JCVD decided to bring his talent to cinema, and he has done a good job and inspired millions of martial artists around the world, especially during the mid 80s and 90s.