Taekwondo: Reflections of Korean Spirit

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Taekwondo Origin
The Korean martial arts faded into obscurity during the late Gojoseon Dynasty, the first state on the Korean peninsula, B.C. 2333 and developed during the Three Kingdoms period.
Weaponless martial art during the Three Kingdoms period.
According to the history, Three Kingdoms Much attention philosophy, martialism  with emphasis on Three Kingdoms period, and various martial arts were developed. 

Goguryeo was a strong state in Northeast Asia with strong military power, and their martial arts were well developed. For example, the techniques of archery, swordsmanship, and spears were developed in Goguryeo. The types of weapon systems of Goguryeo are recorded in history such as Anak Tomb No. 3. In Baekje. 
In Baeje, a weaponless martial art was
developed as shown by the figurine in Baekjegeumdongdaehyeongno, a splendid gilt-bronze incense burner and Subak, fencing, horse-riding, Dukgyeoni, Kagumjil, and Sssireum were developed in Shilla.
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This is a nice documentary about Taekwondo, talking about the roots, philosophy and the progress of the Korean martial art in the world. 

This documentary can introduce Taekwondo to non practitioners who may be interested in the future to practice it.
Taekwondo as a martial art have changed life of many people, this change can be seen in their general health which is the best one, or through their lifestyle, their behavior and so on.