Taekwondo vs Karate

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This is a nice sparring between a Taekwondo fighter and another fighter from Karate.
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art based on excellent foot work compared to other martial arts, and the traditional form of Taekwondo is an effective fighting style (We do not mean a specific organization), and  in the other hand we have the Japanese Karate that looks a bit similar but with a different style and philosophy.

The level of both fighters is not bad, the Karate fighter using  low kicks in most of the fight, while the Taekwondo fighter was using his flexibility to aim the head as a target. 


  1. From what was shown I dont think TKDguy should've been handed the win. He took more significant blows to the head and due to using exhausting power moves looked very tired toward the end.

    1. Clearly, you have no background in combat sports.

  2. No, the TKD definitely won between all the kicks he landed on the head and body. The beginning was just a little silly, in the middle part the TKD guy clearly had the advantage, then towards the end the Karate guy was landing a few good ones on his head, but he still got planted with that back kick good.

    But it all depends on how they're scoring it. If it had continued and was based on knock out, I think the Karate guy would have come back for sure since he wasn't wasting energy on fancy moves that weren't always (or couldn't really) be planted effectively. In anycase, I don't think anyone will ever get bored of seeing style VS style fights. Even bad ones you still want to click and watch even part of it, lol.

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  5. This tkd guy can win in korea own country but not capable if he go other countries mma competition, he is not ready for cage fight

  6. I gave it to the Karate fighter if it was based upon damage caused and dominance.

  7. The fact he fell twice near the beginning trying kicks shows why it would be a bad idea to use such techniques in a full blown MMA bout, a grappler would have been all over him.