Taekwondo vs Kung Fu knock down

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Amazing fight between Taekwondo and Kung Fu

                          Picture from YouTube video

This is s fight between two different martial arts, one is Taekwondo from Korea and the other is Kung Fu from China. Taekwondo is represented by Haun Pyo and Gho Sushin  from China.

The Korean  fighter wanted to prove that Taekwondo is an effective martial art, Haun Pyo succeeded in three good kicks that caused a knock down of Guo Shshin.
                          Picture from YouTube video

The knock down happened in the first round by back kick (a bit closer to spinning kick), and the fight ended in 2 minutes 37 seconds.
We should remind you that we are not trying to prove that that Taekwondo is better than Kung Fu or any other martial art, but it is another opportunity to say that Taekwondo is a competitive and effective martial art and not ballet as some would like to describe it.

Taekwondo as an Olympic sport is totally different than the traditional fighting system, the first one focuses more on scoring which makes it a bit softer, while the old fashioned Taekwondo is stronger and powerful.
                          Picture from YouTube video

lets watch this fight and feel free to share your opinion about it.


  1. It really didn't look like Taekwondo vs Kung Fu. It looked to me more like a kickboxing match even if the participants came from different disciplines. However, I will say that the kicks which won the match were pretty clearly Taekwondo kicks rather than something I'd expect to see in a kickboxing match.

  2. I could've enjoyed watching this fight better if Xu Xiadong was the one who represented china and not this tattooed clown with overly large cheekbones...