Some Korean students reported their instructors to the police because of this exercise

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During the National Youth Competition in Sejong area Korea, It was confirmed that some instructors asked students to practice some exercises that was seen harsh according to students.

The Sejong City Office of Education said that 20 people, including elementary and junior high school students, were reported to have been inflicted on their heads during the training process and reported to the police.
It also said that the instructors did not have disciplinary rights because they were the directors of private Taekwondo, so they informed the Sejong Taekwondo Association.
The Sejong Taekwondo Association explained that it was true that the first day of training was to put the head on the head to concentrate the players, but he did not intend to intentionally act harshly and apologized to the victims.

We do think that is a bit exaggerating to report the instructors for something like that, at least they better ask what is this for.
what do you think ?