Nonsense way of training

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Many people in martial arts are adopting weird 
ways of training in their gyms (Dojangs, Dojo), 
and thinking those ways are going to make their students stronger and handling the kicks and punches.

This coach here in the the beginning of the video 
is punching his students on the head and stomach, and also kicking them.
In the other part of the video the students are practicing kicks on the face without any protection, which is too strange in the martial arts community.
This could be a bad imitation of the Shaolin monks training, because the monks  have a special life style, religious beliefs, mental training and extreme physical training that make them ready for more extreme exercises.

   Some would see this way as an abuse but others will think it is another way to make a fighter 
or a champion.
Martial arts and fighting styles are based on step by step strategies in the training and also adopt the safest way for the athletes.