Thief tries to steal phone from a female martial arts instructor

11:40:00 PM Tkd kwan 0 Comments

This man on the video visited the studio and pretending he was interested in studying martial arts but this prospective student turned out to be a thief.
Fortunately the instructor lady was brave to defend her self and stop this thief from stealing her phone.

She did not have to use any attacking techniques but her bravery to stop this thief is amazing.
This martial arts lady trained Taekwondo as a kid and now she is instructing Boxing and Kung Fu.
We hope this thief would get the lesson in a positive way and change his way of life and be a good person. 

Many people would panic if they ever get in a similar situation, and they would probably just let the thief takes whatever they want, while others can scream and ask for help, but the case we have here is different, and it is an example of self confidence.
Congrats lady :)