Deontay Wilder knocks down the internet troll Charlie Zelenoff

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Charlie Zelenoff made a huge mistake by abusing racially the champion  Deontay Wilder and making bad comments about his daughter Naieya.

Zelenoff abused many people who know nothing about boxing
and hit them in many ocasions, which indicates that he has mental issues.
Zelenoff challenged the champ Deontay which is really a stupid decision to make, because this man is a real boxing champion and not a fake one. 
Deontay Wilder accepted the challenge and decided to teach him a lesson.

Charlie Zelenoff had to sign a legal waiver so that he could not sue him for the damages he may cause cause him.
This man would need a good insurance to cover his adventures because he would get hurt by someone.
It seems that Charlie is picking people who do not know anything about Boxing, but sometimes he picks the wrong ones who beat him up :)

Deontay Wilder beat him up and taught him the lesson of his life, and Charlie was lucky because the Wilder's Team was there and they did their best to calm down Deontay.
Every normal person would feel satisfied whenever an abuser gets punished.
Expect to see another fight of Charlie with someone too older than him, but still he got another lesson.
So lets watch the video.