Taekwondo guy knocked out in 7 seconds by a Muay Thai guy

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A Taekwondo black belt athlete named Huang Xiaolong challenged by an average Muay Thai athlete. 
The TKD fighter also did Karate and Boxing but honestly we do not see the result of these activities 

on his body shape, We are not judging this young man but practicing three martial arts would sculpt the practitioner body. 
This Taekwondo boy is the image of many Taekwondo black belts in the world that shows the quality of black belts promoted in several schools around the globe. The current men's World Record is 9.58 seconds but this fight ended faster than that :)
The Muay Thai Guy needed only 7 seconds to knock down the Taekwondo fighter, which says a lot about the level of the black belt.

This kind of sparring between different styles is a good challenge that evaluates the individual techniques 
of everyone.
let us know what do you think about this fight.
lets watch the video 👇


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  2. It can be seen from him that he is not a TKD fighter :)))))) Fat and barely moving :)))

  3. Michael Ndou SidijaDecember 23, 2020 at 1:13 PM

    That's not a Tkd fighter ��

  4. The guy commentating is the biggest fuckin retard ever lmaooo you know nothing about martial arts saying the shit you’re spewing wtf is the best form of Tkd and that kid did not know wtf he was doing he was not a Tkd fighter, check out abughash or Aaron cook and tell me these guys aren’t dangerous you stupid cunt

  5. You are just just posting to discredit taekwondo

  6. El Muay t. Es una diciplina mucho mas severa que el tkd. Hoy dia ya el TKD. Se ha convertido mas que una colografia a una arte MARCIAL ? Creo que si estuviera BRUCE LEE en vida el mismo se REIRIA. De esta tonta PELEA.

  7. Looks like the TKD man only trained in TKD "Sport Fighting" and only just got his Black Belt