Golden Era of Taekwondo

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Here is a footage of the World Taekwondo Championships 1985 during the Golden Era of Taekwondo, when fighters were not wearing helmets, gloves or socks.  

This amazing period of Taekwondo was known for the powerful style of athletes, of course there was good techniques but kicks of punches were stronger than what we see nowadays.
In this era we do not see a fencing or touching style as we see in the new Taekwondo, because the athletes were trained to kick stronger. 
During this period of Taekwondo many fights end by knockouts or knock downs, and even after inserting the head guard in sparring accessories, the competition was still tough.
Nowadays fighters are not worried from Knockouts or knock downs simply because fighters are not trained to KO their opponents .

By watching this short footage you would be able to have an idea about the real Taekwondo in 80s, and you also can make a small comparison with the new Taekwondo stye