Stretching tutorial with Scott Adkins (Boyka)

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This is a very nice video that may help you to improve your flexibility, This stretching tutorial is presented 
by one of the famous and talented actors, he is also 

an ITF martial artist named by Scott Adkins, and he is known more by his famous name Boyka.
These are nice exercises that would help you to improve your split, and of course would make your kicks better and higher.
The flexibility in Taekwondo is not the main objective but it is a way to help us to perform 
kicks without pain, and to be more comfortable if we kick higher.
Kicks in Taekwondo require a good amount of flexibility and lack of flexibility would make the practitioners struggle a lot.
Before starting this exercises it would be preferable to do a good warm up to help the body to drliver more oxygen to the exercising muscle groups and to increase the body temperature which

would of course reduce the chance fir muscle and tendin injurues. 
lets watch the video.