DK Yoo seminar for Taekwondo black belts in Vietnam

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DK Yoo seminar with Taekwondo black belts in Viet Nam.
No matter the different opinions about this Korean master who trained many martial arts, We can see

that he has great skills when he performs his techniques in seminars, he is mixing many styles in one style, or lets say he is using many techniques from many martial arts.
His technique is based on the body work and the flexibility and fast responses.
This was his answer when he was asked about the martial arts he practiced:
''I have experienced various types of martial arts, including boxing, Kung–Fu, Wushu, Judo, as well as track and field. The most important fact other than my experience in all types of martial arts is that I have met with the experts from each martial art, interacted and grasped the core of each martial art through analyzing the advantages and disadvantages.

In order to test the movements, I have sparred with many people and have had combat experiences. These experiences and the research I have conducted led to what I am today.'' credit to his Website.
lets watch this part of the seminar.