Interview with the MMA fighter who wants to expose Fake Chinese martial arts

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Interview with the fighter who claims he is on a mission to expose Chinese martial arts.

This mission caused him some problems including being hated in his country, because he is trying to prove that MMA is much better and effective much more than Chinese traditional martial arts founded hundred of years ago.
This does not mean to underestimate the Chinese martial arts, because there are a lot of strong martial arts in China, maybe he just did not meet the right fighters yet.

Fighting is too different than performing fancy movements, and any fighter facing Xu Xiaodong should be real when fighting.
lets watch the video and discover the reason behind his mission to expose the fake masters or the fake martial arts in China.

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  1. This fool talks tough after beating up old men who are primarily pacifist and thinks this is something to brag about. If he fought a contract fighter he would not last one round,he is a coward.