Scientific study about kicks in martial arts including Taekwondo

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This is a very interesting documentary based on martial arts study, the documentary is called ''Fight Science'', it is making a scientific study about different martial arts, and with the help of very developed equipment they are measuring the power and the speed of each technique that the martial artists are performing here,   with the help of some devices on their legs.

Taekwondo is one of those martial arts under study here represented by Bren Foster (He was aged between 32 and 34 when filming this documentary).
Bren Foster (born 2, November 1976) is an Australian actor and martial artist. Best known for his lead in The Last Ship on TNT. Bren Foster holds black belts in taekwondo, hapkido, hwarangdo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
This study can give us an idea about the force of kicks or punches in different martial arts, but we should not take it as a fact, because there are other factors that can change the results of this scientific study including:
 The age of athletes (Younger athletes are stronger and faster than older ones)
The weight of  athletes under study can also change the result (a heavy weight athlete can execute stronger kicks or punches more than the lights in general , because the bigger muscles produce more force, and the heavy weight can be slower than  the light weight)

The good technique will change the results too, and athletes they picked for this study can be the best performers in their martial arts.
Lets watch the video and feel free to share your opinions :)