A street fight between a master and a student -_-

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Diogenes Assahida attacked a 24 years old former student for changing the gym.
Assahida is a Brazilian martial arts instructor and known for training the former UFC and MMA champion fighter Anderson Silva.

This instructor said that his student was passing in front of his gym while wearing a t shirt of another gym, he also said that his student was talking bad about him.
He was considering this student as a son, but after this student showed a disrespect to him he decided to react this way.
The filming of this video was planned and there was a student there to stop people from stopping this fight. 

Some masters feel angry and sad when their students leave their gyms (Dojangs, Dojos) but this anger should not reach that level of attacking them, students are free to follow their path, and they totally free to leave if they think that the space is not comfortable for them or if they are not learning anymore, but they should leave with respect and they should keep a good relationships with their masters.

So how do you see this behavior? how would you treat a student who leave your dojang and disrespect you?

lets watch the video of this street fight.
The video is on Twitter because it was removed from YouTube.


  1. My goodness, Mr Assahida, this is the most inapproriate thing I have seen a fellow Master Martial ARTIST do, AND be proud of it on top of it. You clearly have no control over your emotions, emotions which I can understand to have (I always knew when my ego was speaking), however you have an obligation to yourself and to your students to act righteously. To me, and hopefully to your students, you have proven that you have a) no self respect and b) no respect to fellow humans.
    Walter Eichnerlynch, 4th Dan TKD, Kukkiwon

  2. Teacher earns respect. Fully agree Walter Eichnerlynch (Am 4th Dan TKD also)

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Direct to jail.. its a criminal

  5. What this master did was 10000% very wrong and unacceptable behavior! Remember that as a master you don't own your students esp if they pay you to teach them!
    I understand if you feel like he will take your 'training secrets' and expose them to other trainers, but if you truly a master there's nothing to worry about!

  6. Bully is what he is. Just a bully. NOT A MASTER.