A Jogger’s Lung Collapses after Running with Face mask

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If you are exercising or running outside during this pandemic period while wearing a mask then you should read this to prevent any health issues.

In Wuhan a young man (Zhang) aged of 26 years old went to jog outside after two months of lock-down, He was planning to run 6 Km (about 4 miles) but he could not not complete it and just did 4 km because he felt too much pain on his chest.
The mask on he face covers both your mouth and nose which makes the breathing complicated, especially when you are exercising and your body is demanding a lot of oxygen than usual.
According to the doctor who treated this patient (a senior physician for thoracic surgery) at a facility in Wuhan, the face mask pressured Mr. Zhang’s lungs to work harder due to improper oxygen flow. His lung reportedly “edged his heart towards the right side of his chest”.

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