Synthol muscles boy making his MMA debut 🤷‍♂️

3:14:00 AM Tkd kwan 4 Comments

This '' Fake'' bodybuilder tried his first mma fight against a non professional fighter.

We can not call this fight as a debut fight in mma for this ballooned biceps young man, because he is far away from fighting or even real bodybuilding.
Fir people who do not have an idea about what we see here and how arms can look so big and odd like that, we would make it clear. 
They call it synthol oil, and some people who are disparate to have muscles are simply injecting this oil directly inside their body to make them bigger in one session 😁
This is a very dangerous process that may cause serious health issues for the person doing it.

Let's watch this thing 😁👇


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  2. Did nobody think of giving the guy a drug test or does synthol not count?

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