Lovely grannies Taekwondo demonstration

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These lovely Taekwondo grannies are making a good performance in this demonstration. They say that age is a number, no matter if you agree about this saying or not, but what these ladies are doing considering their age is simply amazing. Ladies in their age are not healthy in general because number of health issues are increasing  when people get older.

We say that Taekwondo is for everyone, but each age should get a specific training and techniques that suit the abilities of each age category.
Older people may limit their Taekwondo practice to Poomsaes (patterns) and simple kicks which do not require much rotations, and it would be better to avoid jumping kicks.
In general adult people suffer from knee issues, therefore, practicing kicks would be a huge challenge for them.
It is so inspiring to see older people practicing Taekwondo, it is motivating others to try this martial art and adopt an active lifestyle 😉

Let's watch these lovely ladies👇