Female vs a male Taekwondo sparring

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This post is about a Taekwondo fight between a female and a male. 

Organizing fights between different genders is a bit strange and unfair because of the physical differences between the two, but we do not mean to underestimate what girls and women can do and achieve. 
The female fighter in this video is called Taemi, she is a South Korean actor and Taekwondo performer, she was one of Ktigers team before. 
The male fighter in this fight seems to be a beginner  compared to Taemi, even if her specialty is poomsae and not kyorugi. 
A fight with specific rules such those in Taekwondo may be a good thing for an experienced female fighter as we see here in this fight, but things could be more logical if the fight has no rules. 

Let's watch this fight 👇

Or you can watch it through YouTube link