Suffering from lung disease and competition

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No matter the changes occurring in martial arts styles, people are always inspiring us, and reminding us that martial arts Tenets still exist.
This picture is not only an inspiration for people in martial arts communities but also to everyone. 
People in general are looking for excuses not to exercise or do any sports, but this brave kid here is giving an impressive example for the indomitable spirit of martial arts. 
This little Karate kid is from Brazil, he is suffering from a very rare lung disease, which makes the breathing process very hard, therefore, he needs that cylinder and tube to help him to breath in a normal way. 
He was using a mask till he turned 4 years because the disease was not known. After the diagnosis of the disease he is using the cylinder. 
This kid is using the cylinder and tubes all the day but he can take them off only 30 minutes a day. 

He is yellow belt in Karate and in this picture, we can see him wearing a red belt because he was competing in a Kata competition (similar to poomsae in Taekwondo). 
The competitors in Karate wear Red and Blue belts. 

Unfortunately we do not have any footage for the participation of this brave, but we think that even a picture can give him enough credit.

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