Be ready for the mess

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                We can see some leaked new pictures of elite athletes wearing what they call a new uniform. We honnestly can not call it dobok because it is something else. 

So let's be ready for the mess 🤷‍♂️
The World Taekwondo did not make any official notice about using this thing in the coming competitions, but leaking pictures of elite athletes wearing those leggings just a week before a big competition has a message 🤔. 
After 5 days from now the World Taekwondo Final Grand-Prix will be held in Moscow (6-7/12/2019)

Maybe the WT want to surprise the Taekwondo community by their design in the competition day, and it is clear it won't be a good surprise for most of them.
This picture above was posted by the GBR Taekwondo national team member Lauren Williams just few days ago. 

We have talked about this new uniform just couple of months ago, and the WT said they will take the final decision in December 2019, and here we are in December now. 
This design is supposed to be the official uniform that will be used in Tokyo 2020 if they approve it. 
Let's wait and see 🤷‍♂️

This article is updated and the video below is added after the use of the new outfit 👇