Muy dobo tongji fighting techniques made in video

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The ancient Korean martial arts book muy dobo tongji now in video.

Commissioned by King Jeongjo (r. 1740–1810) in 1790, the Muyedobotongji (or Muye Tobo Tong Ji, translating to "Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial Arts") expanded on the eighteen weapons systems identified in the Muyeshinbo of 1758.

Written by Yi Deongmu (이덕무, 1741–1793), Pak Je-ga (박제가, 1750–1805) and Baek Dong-soo (백동수, 1743–1816), and published in four volumes in 1795, it preserved the methods and practices of the earlier work while adding equestrian training by executing six of the earlier weapons on horseback , extending the system to "twenty-four [martial arts] methods

While little more than a field manual for cataloguing required skills, the Muyedobotongji is widely regarded as a resource for understanding the nature of Korean military science in the 18th century.