A yellow belt vs a black belt 😳

10:20:00 AM Tkd kwan 0 Comments

This black belt fighter is having a bad time against this yellow belt fighter.

We are not sure if he is really a yellow belt or he has been doing Taekwondo for many years without being promoted to the next belts.

In this sparring we can see the red corner (Yellow belt) controling the fight and using good kicking techniques and also powerful attacks, we can see that clearly in the reactions of the black belt fighter who seems to feel much pain through the impact of the kicks.
Not sure how the new generation would see this nowadays, but a long time ago it is a big deal if a fighter beats someone higher in rank (blue vs red for example)

Let's watch this sparring and feel free to share your thoughts about it. 

Ps: if anyone has the full sparring please send it to us. Thank you