Taekwondo vs Shaolin monk knock down ⚡⚡

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Taekwondo is a South Korean martial art, known for its beautiful, strong and powerful kicks (traditional style). 
It is very challenging to fight against a shaolin monk, especially if that monk trained the old fashion way inside a temple. 
This monk here had very impressive fights with many legends of Muay-Thai and Kickboxing, such as the the Thailand legend... 
This man was trained to handle kicks and punch wherever you throw them. 

There was a fight where he was letting his opponent punching his head, in other words like telling him: i can not feel your punches. 
Let's go back to this fight 😬
Taekwondo fighter started good and performed an impressive kick to the head of the Shaolin monk, and that was the best action from him.

After that the Taekwondo fighter could not handle the low kicks and punches. 

You can see how the fight ended here 🤷‍♂️