The 5 Tenets of Taekwondo 🙏

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Taekwondo is not only teaching the martial art techniques but also educating people to be good examples in their societies and to give the best image for this discipline.
1- Courtesy (Ye Ui)
You should be polite with other students, behave in a good way with others (manners). 

You have to show respect to others, by respecting older students and also addressing your master as Sir or master (instead of his/her name).
You have to bow to your instructors/masters before and after the class, and also when he/she corrects something individually to you.
Coming late to the class breaks one of the courtesy aspects, so you have to come early to your taekwondo class.
 2- Integrity (Yom Chi)

Taekwondo practitioners should be honest, truthful and avoid hypocrisy. 
This aspect is a personal commitment to principles and honor; with integrity, taekwondo practitioners can distinguish between the right and the wrong.
Living by moral principles is not limited to dealing with others in your dojang but outside as well. This aspect should affect all your life.

3- Perseverance (In Nae)

Taekwondo is a tough martial art and the trainee would face hard times when training and learning. 
The learning process requires patience, persistence and steadiness; people who are impatient can seldom reach their goals or achieve success. Be patient. 

4- Self-control (Guk Gi)

Taekwondo School’s purpose is not the making of street fighters; without self-control you would be a danger to your society, because owning a weapon (taekwondo techniques) should be restricted by many conditions and self-control.
This aspect is bit challenging because most people lose control if they got provoked by others.

A taekwondo practitioner proves his/her strength if they can win against their anger and emotions.

5-Indomitable spirit (Baekjul Boolgool)

No matter what the obstacles are, a real taekwondo student should never give up or surrender;
Most of greatest objectives are hard to achieve, but with a warrior spirit these goals would be possible one day; just work hard in a correct way and be sure that today would be much better than yesterday.
In taekwondo, we can see a very clear transfiguration of the real indomitable spirit in para-taekwondo; it is impressive when you see disabled athletes performing taekwondo techniques and prove they defeat disability.
The five tenets of taekwondo should be taught by masters and instructors to the new students, and they should get much importance as much as the physical training. 

                                              By Master S.E.H