Taekwondo vs Brazilian Jiujitsu

10:31:00 PM Tkd kwan 8 Comments

This sparring between Taekwondo and Bjj is not to compare between the two. 
Not every individual is able to represent their martial art in a good way. Some martial artists were trained well and mastered the techniques of their martial arts, while others were just missing around in their dojangs (dojos, schools...) 

Therefore, we can not always see the real image of martial arts through individual. 
Let's go back to this video here, these two fighters are equal and none of them was able to beat the other one. 
Taekwondo kicks were not strong enough to stop the Bjj fighter. Also the Jiujitsu fighter did not have a solution to apply joint locks and choke holds on the Taekwondo fighter.

   Let's watch 👇👇


  1. Both good in the right place ..both lethal in their own right

  2. I would take bjj 100% of the time... That was a blue belt vs a black belt lmao... And there is a reason they don't show the end of the video

    1. I agree that was a Blue belt BJJ vs a Black Belt. Also why did the ref stop the fight when he locked a triangle?

  3. why stop the triangle choke ... and put them back up

  4. You all miss the point. What is the life span of a Bjj fighter versus a responsible taekwondo master? Think about it. Character is everything! This idea of entertainment and fighting is not really a Martial art.

  5. The belt system taekwondo and karate is a joke. When it comes to knowledge of the sports BJJ has a lot more and that is why the belt system is different. Just like Judo.

  6. Wtf did I just watch? This is some weak attempt at taekwondo propaganda? Did anyone else watch that taekwondo black belt get a triangle slapped on? Game over bruv. If we are playing checkers vs checker rules then fine, we got to see a blue belt in a completely different martial art stand face to face with black belt. Otherwise, this retarded post shows just how out of touch taekwondo is as a martial art. Thanks for the laugh!