Best of the best last fight

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 The best of the best is one of the important movies based on Taekwondo as a martial art, especially during that era of 1980s and 1990s, because at the time there was no internet and the martial arts community only had had few options if they want to read or watch martial arts pictures or videos.
During that era, books, magazines and video tapes were available for people who are looking for more knowledge.
Besides the story of the movie that says that the American are better in Taekwondo than the Koreans who founded it :) that was a good movie that shows the art of Taekwondo.
It's been already 34 years ago since that movie was made, and it is still bringing a lot of good memories for those who were practicing taekwondo at the time.
One of the main actors of the movie was Rhee Philip.
Rhee was born in South Korea and raised in San Francisco, California. 
He is a martial artist, actor, director and film producer who has created, produced and starred in numerous films, including the Best of the Best film series. The first Best of the Best film spawned three sequels; Best of the Best 2, Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back and Best of the Best 4: Without Warning.
Rhee's 1980 representation of the United States' Taekwondo Team against the South Korean team in the championships of the Asia Games formed the basis of his screenplay for the film Best of the Best.
Let's watch some of it.