A young Taekwondo black belt vs A Kung Fu '' master''

6:56:00 PM Tkd kwan 3 Comments

This is a fight between a Chinese Taekwondo black belt and a '' kung fu'' master who looks much older.. 
This does not seem to be a fair fight because of the age difference, but we are nit sure what made both of them accept this kind of challenge, especially there is a chance to be seriously injured. 

Lets watch 👇👇


  1. Please don't disgrace the martial arts by showing this very funny video. It's a disgrace to fight like this at the stage.

  2. Kung fu guy is a joke. What discipline is he from again? Please don't tell me it's another "shaolin" want to be. Taekwondo is not too bad I think.

  3. oh please,bald guy is definitely not a kungfu master... ������