WT will keep trying to make it happen (2013 vs 2019 design)

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World Taekwondo never give up trying to make things happen no matter what happen, that is exactly what '' indomitable spirit'' means 😁😁😁😁 (joking)
In August 2013 the World Taekwondo Federation cam up with a design proposed by Juanjo Padrós (we do not know him but that was his name)
This year during the World Taekwondo Championships in Manchester the new design was there greeting people
 ''here i am😁 ''
Both designs will easily show the differences between the male and the female body.
The question is: Does World Taekwondo needs to use the female body to attract audience or to spread Taekwondo??

Another design 👆👆

Master S.H.S.M

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  1. The next one will have a deeper V-neck.

    What will they do for teenagers? Crop top dobok tops?