Mateusz Makarowski and Krystian Blezien were left seriously disfigured after a shocking bout

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Polish MMA fighters Mateusz Makarowski and Krystian Blezien were left virtually unrecognizable after a brutal three-round brawl that left both of their faces bloody, cut, and swollen. The intense bout took place at the MMA Attack 4 event in the Będzin Arena, featuring former UFC fighter Oli Thompson in the headline slot.
From the start, it was evident that Makarowski and Blezien were not holding back, exchanging heavy blows that left them both in a sorry state. The fight escalated in intensity as they continued to pummel each other, astonishing spectators with their determination and durability.

Ultimately, Makarowski emerged victorious with a unanimous decision, improving his professional MMA record to 8-5. However, the toll of the fight was evident on his face. He required stitches for two cuts under his eyebrows and his severe facial swelling impaired his vision post-fight.
Blezien, on the other hand, faced an even harsher aftermath, dropping to a 4-4 record. The young fighter was left with severe swelling around his eyes, deep cuts including a nasty gash on his left eyebrow, and ballooned lips, rendering him unrecognizable and unable to communicate effectively during his recovery.

Despite the physical toll and only one winner, both Makarowski and Blezien earned widespread recognition for their incredible display of toughness and resilience in what was considered one of the most thrillingly gruesome fights of the year.
Following the fight, it is expected that both fighters will undergo a period of recovery and healing. However, their impressive performance has garnered attention, and there are speculations that they may be invited back to MMA Attack or potentially be scouted for larger MMA promotions after their viral fight. The unforgettable bout between Makarowski and Blezien has solidified their reputations as fierce competitors in the world of mixed martial arts.