Tawanchai breaks the arm of the Georgian star Davit Kiria

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Featherweight Muay Thai champion Tawanchai PK Saenchai recently made headlines when he broke Davit Kiria’s arm with a brutal kick at ONE Fight Night 13 in Bangkok. Despite his victory, Tawanchai expressed remorse for the injury and revealed that he apologized to Kiria after the fight ended abruptly in the second round.

Kiria, a 35-year-old Georgian veteran, seemed to have the upper hand in the first round, landing some solid shots on Tawanchai. However, in the second round, Tawanchai delivered a powerful left kick that caused Kiria’s arm to break. Tawanchai immediately went to apologize to Kiria, who congratulated him on the win despite the injury.

This incident marked the second time in Tawanchai’s recent fights that he had caused a significant injury to his opponent. In February, he injured Jamal Yusupov’s knee, leading to a TKO victory. With his upcoming title defense against Superbon Singha Mawynn on October 7, Tawanchai is focused on maintaining his winning streak and avoiding any injuries to his opponents.

After his victory over Kiria, Tawanchai hinted at a potential matchup with kickboxing king Chingiz Allazov, who retained his title on the same fight card. While Tawanchai acknowledged Allazov’s talent and expressed interest in facing him in the future, he emphasized the importance of concentrating on his upcoming fight before considering any future opponents.

Despite making his kickboxing debut in the promotion, Tawanchai showcased his skills and adaptability in the sport. His victory is expected to elevate his ranking in the division and could pave the way for a showdown with top contenders like Allazov in the future. However, for now, Tawanchai remains laser-focused on his next challenge and aims to continue his winning streak without causing further injuries to his opponents.