Discover Taekkyun sparring by video

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Taekkyun is a traditional Korean martial art that dates back to the Joseon Dynasty in the late 14th century. It is known for its unique techniques, including kicks, strikes, and throws, as well as its emphasis on flexibility, agility, and speed. Taekkyun is often practiced as a form of self-defense, physical fitness, and cultural preservation.
One of the defining features of Taekkyun is its emphasis on high, spinning kicks that are executed with speed and precision. These kicks are not only effective in combat situations, but also serve as a way to improve flexibility and balance. In addition to kicks, Taekkyun practitioners also learn various hand strikes, blocks, and throws that can be used to defend against an opponent.
Taekkyun is also known for its acrobatic movements, such as somersaults, flips, and jumps. These movements not only add an element of flair to the martial art, but also help to improve coordination and agility. Taekkyun practitioners also learn to control their breathing and focus their energy, which can be beneficial for both physical and mental health.
In terms of self-defense, Taekkyun teaches practitioners how to use their opponent's energy against them, rather than relying solely on brute force. By harnessing the momentum and strength of their adversary, Taekkyun practitioners can effectively neutralize threats and protect themselves in dangerous situations.
Beyond the physical aspects of Taekkyun, there is also a strong emphasis on discipline, respect, and humility. Practitioners are expected to show respect for their instructors, training partners, and the traditions of the martial art. This focus on etiquette and morality is an important aspect of Taekkyun that sets it apart from other forms of martial arts.
Today, Taekkyun is practiced by people of all ages and backgrounds, both in Korea and around the world. In Korea, there are competitions and demonstrations held to showcase the skills of Taekkyun practitioners, while international tournaments allow practitioners to compete on a global stage. Overall, Taekkyun remains a vibrant and dynamic martial art that continues to evolve and grow in popularity.