This is how Bruce Lee broke the ribs of Bob Wall for real

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Robert Alan Wall, also known as Bob Wall, portrayed the character O'Hara who fought against Bruce Lee in the 1973 film "Enter The Dragon." Wall also appeared alongside Bruce Lee in two other films, "Way of the Dragon" in 1972 and "Game of Death" in 1978. During the filming of the fight scene in "Enter The Dragon," Bruce Lee insisted on having a full contact fight with Bob Wall to ensure the scene looked authentic.
Initially, the producers were hesitant and wanted to use a stunt double for safety reasons. However, Bruce Lee was adamant about making the fight scene as realistic as possible. He told Bob Wall, "Bob, I want to hit you, and I want to hit you hard." Bob agreed, and they proceeded with the scene.
As the scene unfolded, Bob Wall found himself on the receiving end of Bruce Lee's powerful kicks and punches. At one point, Wall inadvertently cut Bruce's hand with a bottle, leading to speculation about whether it was intentional or accidental. The intensity of the fight escalated when Bruce Lee delivered a kick that ended up breaking Bob Wall's ribs. Despite not going all out, Bruce Lee's precision and skill caused a real injury to Wall.
The behind-the-scenes footage of Bruce Lee breaking Bob Wall's rib during the filming of "Enter The Dragon" showcases their commitment to creating an authentic and dynamic fight scene. The full-contact choreography between Lee and Wall highlights the dedication and physical demands of their craft.
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A 9th degree Tang Soo Do black belt under the tutelage of Chuck Norris, Wall not only trained with Norris but also shared the screen with him in the beloved US television series, Walker, Texas Ranger. Described by his family as a devoted husband and father, Wall's commitment to his loved ones was unwavering, and his legacy will endure in their hearts.
Wall's collaboration with Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon included a memorable fight scene where Lee accidentally broke Wall's ribs with a powerful hit. Reflecting on his experiences filming with Lee, Wall expressed deep admiration for the martial arts legend, whom he considered a brother.
In Way of the Dragon, Wall played Colt, the student of Norris' antagonist character, in a role that showcased his martial arts prowess. His dedication to the craft and willingness to learn from masters like Lee and Norris contributed to his success in the industry.
During his time filming in Hong Kong, Wall and Norris attracted attention from the local media after reports of a challenge to Norris surfaced. In a bold move, Wall accepted all potential challenges but found that no one was brave enough to face him in a live televised fight, leading to a martial arts demonstration that impressed the audience.
Wall's passion for martial arts extended beyond the screen as he continued to train and work in the industry, leaving a lasting impact on those he taught and inspired. His talent, spirit, and dedication to his craft will be fondly remembered by fans and colleagues alike.
In his passing, Robert Wall leaves behind a legacy of martial arts excellence and a deep commitment to his family. Rest in peace, Robert Wall, your contributions to the world of martial arts will endure for generations to come.