Actor Sammo Hung unhappy with comments on Jackie Chan’s ‘old’ appearance

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Actor Sammo Hung unhappy with comments on Jackie Chan’s ‘old’ appearance.

 Veteran Hong Kong action star Sammo Hung has come to the defense of his longtime colleague Jackie Chan following disparaging comments from some netizens about Chan's aging appearance. Photos of the 69-year-old Chan with a head of white hair and white facial hair at a recent event in China had spread across Chinese social media, prompting negative remarks about his visible signs of aging.

Hung, 72, spoke out in support of Chan at the annual dinner and awards presentation of the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild on March 15. He emphasized the importance of staying healthy as one grows older, noting that nobody is immune to the effects of aging. Questioning the motives of those who criticized Chan, Hung remarked that they seemed to have unrealistic expectations about aging.

Arriving at the event accompanied by his wife, former actress Joyce Godenzi, Hung revealed that he still experiences pain in his legs following a knee operation in 2017. Despite his physical challenges, he joked about his wife restricting his diet to maintain his health.

Reflecting on his lifelong dedication to martial arts, Hung acknowledged his own uncertainties about the suitability of continued exercise in his 70s. As a member of the renowned Seven Little Fortunes performance troupe alongside Chan and others, Hung's influence on the Hong Kong film industry is undeniable. Despite his physical limitations, Hung remains pragmatic about his current exercise routine, candidly admitting that his primary form of exertion involves moving his lips to eat.