Marzieh Hamidi, Afghanistan’s last female taekwondo fighter refuses to give in

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 Sexually harassed by the Taliban and forced to leave her home country, Afghanistan's last female Taekwondo fighter, Marzieh Hamidi, is determined to persevere. After being driven out of Kabul following the Taliban's rise to power, 21-year-old Hamidi faces numerous challenges as a refugee in a foreign land.

Despite being a talented taekwondo champion with the ability to win medals, Hamidi has been subjected to shame and harassment by the Taliban in her home country. Disheartened by the belief that women cannot be champions, she was targeted with derogatory comments while training, leading her to feel violated and disrespected.

With anger building up inside her, Hamidi's martial arts skills are now fueled by her determination to overcome the adversity she has faced. She recounts the moment when the Taliban fighters appeared outside her house in Kabul, signaling the beginning of a tumultuous period that ultimately led to her fleeing the oppressive regime.

As a refugee once again, a label she has carried since birth due to being born in exile in Iran, Hamidi will be representing the refugee team at the World Taekwondo Championship in Baku, Azerbaijan. Despite her disappointment in not being able to represent Afghanistan, she sees this as an opportunity to fight for herself, her country, and the women who face similar challenges.

Facing the prospect of competing against taekwondo champions from around the world while her homeland is in turmoil, Hamidi remains resolute in her determination to represent her country, even if it means going up against a regime that oppresses women like the Taliban. She acknowledges the gender discrimination in her sport in Afghanistan and vows to continue fighting for the rights of women in her country, even if it means competing under the label of a refugee.

Facing the reality of being labelled a refugee due to the actions of the Taliban, Marzieh Hamidi finds herself in a constant battle to prove her strength and resilience. Fleeing her homeland of Afghanistan, she was forced to leave behind everything she knew and loved, starting her life anew in a foreign land.

The mental scars left by the Taliban's reign in Afghanistan haunt her every moment, as she struggles to find a sense of belonging and purpose in her new home. Despite the setbacks and trauma she has endured, Marzieh refuses to be seen as a victim of the Taliban's oppressive regime.

Through her passion for taekwondo, Marzieh channels her frustrations and anger into becoming a beacon of hope and strength for women everywhere. She is determined to show the world that refugees are not weak, that they are capable of achieving greatness and standing up against the injustices they face.

With unwavering determination, Marzieh fights not only for herself but for all those who have been affected by the Taliban's atrocities. She is a symbol of resilience, courage, and defiance in the face of adversity. As she continues her journey as a taekwondo athlete, Marzieh Hamidi embodies the true spirit of a warrior, ready to face any challenge that comes her way.

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