Terrifying punch from Mizuto Hirota to Ross Pearson's face

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 At UFC 221, British fighter Ross Pearson took a powerful left-handed jab from Japanese mixed martial artist Mizuto Hirota, resulting in a contorted and unrecognizable face. The impact of the punch left Pearson's nose pinned to one side and skin loosened, pulling away from his skeleton. Born and raised in Japan, Hirota experienced success as an amateur boxer and in sumo, winning All-Japan titles in both disciplines. He made his professional debut for Shooto, initially achieving a 6-0 record before suffering his first loss via unanimous decision. Hirota then competed in various MMA events, including Dynamite!! 2009 and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Meanwhile, Ross Pearson, a retired English MMA fighter, was raised in Sunderland, England, and began training in Tae Kwon Do at a young age. Following his early training, he added judo and boxing to his repertoire and later pursued mixed martial arts at the age of 17. Pearson eventually competed in the UFC and was recognized for his skills, winning the lightweight title in The Ultimate Fighter 9 and claiming the "Fight of the Night" award three times during his 26-fight career.

Born in 1984, Pearson decided to become a professional MMA fighter after being inspired by early UFC events. His passion for the sport led him to a successful career in the UFC before retiring in 2019. This highly anticipated return to the Octagon ended with a jaw-dropping impact on Pearson's face, leaving him unrecognizable after Hirota's powerful punch. This unforgettable moment in UFC 221 showcased the intense physical toll that fighters endure, as Hirota's blow distorted Pearson's face and left a lasting impression on the audience.

The video of the fight