Kombat Taekwondo, The new Competition

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 In February 2023, Kombat Taekwondo was founded by Mr. Rick W. Shin following collaborative efforts with a dedicated team. The league has experienced swift growth and global interest. The text presents ten crucial aspects to help understand Kombat Taekwondo, including what it is and who qualifies as fighters. Kombat Taekwondo is a distinct combat sport and league managed by the Kombat Taekwondo brand that emphasizes traditional techniques, kicks, and punches. Eligible fighters must be 18 or older, exhibit physical prowess, and hold a black belt in any style of Taekwondo. They also need to provide a current medical assessment verified by a certified medical practitioner.

What are the different fight formats?

There are two formats for fights. The "1 vs. 1" consists of a single five-minute round with only gloves, foot pads, groin protectors, and mouthguards for protection. In the "team combat" format, four fighters (two per team) fight simultaneously for ten minutes, allowing for combined, collaborative, and strategic attacks.

What techniques can be used in the fights?

Permissible standing techniques include:

a) All closed-fist punching and hand striking techniques aimed at the front and sides of the head, as well as the torso above the beltline.

b) Elbow strike techniques, whether executed with a closed or open hand, can be used on the front and sides of the head, as well as the torso above the beltline. However, it is essential to remember that elbow strikes are only allowed without grabbing or holding the opponent.

c) Upper cuts to the face and above the beltline are allowed but without grabbing or holding the opponent.

d) Permitted open hand strikes:

– Knife and Ridge hand strike to the front and side of the head and the torso above the beltline is allowed. Striking the neck is not permitted.

– Palm hand strike to the front, sides of the head, and torso above the beltline.

What are the rules for striking techniques in Kombat Taekwondo?

e) Kicking techniques are allowed and can be directed at the front and sides of the head, as well as the torso above the beltline. Knee strikes are also allowed, but the opponent's body must not be held onto.

f) Sweeps and throws (except those specified as fouls) are permitted during the match.

g) Grabbing the body for a takedown is allowed if the opponent is not kicking.

What are the weight divisions in Kombat Taekwondo?

Kombat Taekwondo has four female and four male divisions.


Fin: -49kg

Light: 49.1kg / 57kg

Middle: 57.1kg / -67kg

Heavy: +67kg


Fin: -58kg

Light: 58.1kg / 68kg

Middle: 68.1kg / -80kg

Heavy: +80kg

Is there a cost associated with joining Kombat Taekwondo?

No, there is absolutely no cost. Kombat Taekwondo takes care of all expenses for its fighters, including travel, accommodation, official gear, and clothing. Additionally, fighters receive a daily allowance for attending Kombat Taekwondo training and audition casting sessions.

What are the prizes for winning a fight?

In the inaugural event, each fight's winner will receive a prize equivalent to USD $3,000, while the losing fighter will receive USD $1,000 in the individual format.

For the team format, the winning team will receive a prize of USD $5,000, and the losing team will receive USD $2,000.

Additionally, fighters stand to earn extra fight bonuses of USD $3,000 based on various criteria such as delivering the most thrilling fight of the evening or being the audience's favorite fighter.

How are fighters chosen for the main event?

Fighters are selected through a process of video assessment and live casting auditions. All costs related to the in-person casting auditions are covered by Kombat Taekwondo, eliminating any financial obligations for the fighters.

How can one join Kombat Taekwondo?

To join Kombat Taekwondo, fighters must submit an online application, after which they will receive a confirmation email. They will then need to provide further details, including a profile photo, body pictures, and videos of their competition and training. If they meet the qualifications, Kombat Taekwondo will have a representative reach out to them. The deadline for applications for the December 3, 2023 fights is September 5, 2023. Selection of the fighters will be made soon after this date.