Side kicks

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The side kick is a fundamental technique in Taekwondo and is widely used in both forms (poomsae) and sparring (kyorugi). It is a versatile and powerful kick that can be executed in various ways and from different positions.
To perform a side kick, the practitioner starts from a side-facing position with the kicking leg raised to the side and the knee bent. The supporting leg is slightly bent and the body is turned sideways to the target. The kicking leg is then quickly extended outwards to the target, making contact with the foot or the heel, while simultaneously turning the body to face the target. The kick is delivered with the side of the foot, and the leg should be fully extended at the moment of impact. After making contact, the leg is quickly retracted back to the starting position.
There are several variations of the side kick, including the front leg side kick and the back leg side kick. The front leg side kick is executed with the leg that is closest to the target, while the back leg side kick is executed with the leg that is furthest from the target. The front leg side kick is typically faster but has less power, while the back leg side kick is slower but more powerful.
The side kick is an effective technique for both offensive and defensive purposes. It can be used to strike an opponent's midsection, ribs, or face, and can also be used to create distance or fend off an attacker. In sparring, a well-executed side kick can score points and create openings for additional techniques.

To master the side kick in Taekwondo, practitioners must focus on developing proper technique, strength, flexibility, and balance. This involves regular practice of the kick from various positions and angles, as well as drills to improve speed and power. Additionally, conditioning exercises for the legs and core muscles are also important for executing powerful and controlled side kicks.
In conclusion, the side kick is a foundational and versatile technique in Taekwondo, used for both offensive and defensive purposes. It requires proper technique, strength, flexibility, and balance to perform effectively, and is a valuable skill for both forms and sparring competitions.


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