Steve Willis, the funniest boxing referee in the world

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 Steve Willis is a well-known boxing referee who has officiated numerous high-profile boxing matches. He is known for his distinctive look with a bald head, beard, and intense staring eyes. Willis is often praised for his fair and firm approach to refereeing and is respected by both fighters and fans in the boxing community.

Veteran boxing referee Steve Willis provides his viewpoint on the standing eight count in boxing. The standing eight count was phased out in the late 1980s due to concerns about giving an unfair advantage to injured fighters. Willis argues against the reintroduction of the standing eight count in professional boxing, emphasizing the potential for it to interfere with the natural flow of the fight. He believes that when a referee calls "time" for a standing eight count, they are taking away a fighter's opportunity to finish the match, an action that is especially problematic in the context of professional boxing.

Willis dismisses arguments that the standing eight count is used fairly in amateur boxing. He adamantly states that the standing eight count should not be reintroduced and rebuffs the idea that amateur practices are relevant to professional boxing. He suggests that interrupting the action for a standing eight count can unfairly disadvantage fighters and even potentially alter the outcome of the match.

He refers to an iconic boxing match, Hagler vs. Hearns, illustrating the potential consequences of using a standing eight count. Willis asserts that if a referee had intervened with a standing eight count during the intense first round of that fight, it would have caused an uproar and interfered with the match. He emphasizes that such actions would bring attention to the referee when they should ideally remain discreet during the fight.

In a more confrontational tone, Willis dismisses potential criticisms, stating that people who disagree with his stance should "suck a dick," demonstrating his strong conviction on the matter. Overall, Willis is resolute in his belief that the standing eight count should not return to professional boxing, as he considers it to introduce unnecessary interference and potentially impact the outcome of fights.