Dylan Reischman sustained a horrific injury in his professional mixed martial arts debut

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21-year-old featherweight Dylan Reischman sustained a horrific injury in his professional mixed martial arts debut, breaking his leg in a bout against Jaime Mora at Combat Global: Ferreira vs. Morales. Reischman suffered the injury while defending a takedown along the fence, with his left leg getting caught at an awkward angle and snapping in half as Mora attempted to drive him to the mat. The referee immediately stopped the fight, and a bone in Reischman’s leg was nearly protruding out of the top of his knee.

 A NSFW video of the injury is available but is extremely gruesome and not for the faint of heart. This injury is considered one of the most severe in recent memory in MMA, and the images from the fight-ending sequence are truly shocking. Reischman’s professional debut will be remembered for this devastating injury.

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