Grandmaster Hee Il Cho teaching Taekwondo at the age of 83

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GM Hee IL Cho teaching Taekwondo at the age of 83 years old!

Should people retire from practicing martial arts?

There is no specific age at which people should retire from practicing martial arts. It ultimately depends on the individual's physical condition, health, and personal goals. Many people continue practicing martial arts well into their senior years, as it provides physical exercise, mental stimulation, and a sense of community.

 However, it is important for older practitioners to listen to their bodies and make adjustments to their training as needed to avoid injury. If someone feels that their physical abilities or health conditions are hindering their ability to practice safely, then they may choose to retire from active training and instead focus on other ways to stay involved in the martial arts community, such as teaching or mentoring others. Ultimately, the decision to retire from practicing martial arts should be based on individual circumstances and should be made in consultation with a healthcare professional if needed.

Cho Hee-il is a Korean-American master of taekwondo with a 9th dan ranking. He has written 11 martial arts books, produced 70 training videos, and appeared on over 70 magazine covers. Cho has won national and international competitions and appeared in several films. He founded the Action International Martial Arts Association and is a member of Black Belt magazine's and Tae Kwon Do Times magazine's Hall of Fame. Cho was born in Pohang, Korea, during Japanese occupation and began training in martial arts at a young age. He entered the Korean army for compulsory service and later emigrated to the United States, where he faced challenging incidents as a taekwondo instructor. Cho has written several books, served as a grading examiner, and was involved in Global Tae Kwon-Do International. Cho's career has been marked by extensive involvement in martial arts, including competition, instruction, and the production of educational materials.