KNOCKOUT: Amanda Ribas unleashes devastating spinning face kick on Luana Pinheiro

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Amanda Ribas returned to the strawweight division with a win, defeating her former housemate Luana Pinheiro at UFC Fight Night 232. Despite early damage from Pinheiro in the first round, Ribas made adjustments and turned the tide of the fight. The back-and-forth action led to Ribas finding a home for a beautiful wheel kick that began the finishing sequence, followed by a flurry of strikes until the referee called a stop to the fight at 3:53 of Round 3. It was an entertaining scrap that ultimately led to Ribas getting the victory.

A spinning kick is a powerful martial arts technique in which the practitioner rotates their body and delivers a strike with their foot. It requires speed, balance, and precision to execute effectively. Spinning kicks can be used in various martial arts disciplines such as taekwondo, karate, and kickboxing, and are often used in both offensive and defensive situations. The most common types of spinning kicks include the spinning hook kick, spinning back kick, and spinning wheel kick. These kicks can be devastating when delivered with proper technique and can be used to generate significant force and power.

In the context of combat sports or self-defense, "knockout" refers to the act of rendering an opponent unconscious or incapacitated by delivering a powerful blow. Knockouts typically occur as a result of a well-placed punch, kick, or strike that impacts the head or body with sufficient force to disrupt the brain's normal functions. The forceful impact can cause the brain to shake or rotate within the skull, leading to a loss of consciousness or a temporary disruption in motor coordination. 

It's important to note that knockouts can be dangerous, and safety precautions should always be followed when engaging in combat sports or self-defense training.

The amazing part in this is that Amanda Ribas is a black belt in Judo and BJJ, and she finished her fight with a technique far away from her martial arts background.

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