Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti III fight ends in CHAOS after disqualification

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 An exhibition fight was held between Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti 3.

Floyd is a well known boxer in the boxing world and one of the richest athletes in the world, because he is simply smart concerning dealing with money, and he is better called as a business man lately rather than a boxer. in his beginning carrer he was a great boxer, smart and fast in the ring, but money bring change with it always.

We have seen Floyd in a boxing match against the MMA star Connor McGregor before, and of course Floyd won it because it is his field, and it would be very difficult for any MMA athlete in his weight to beat him.

This time the bout was an exhibition boxing match against a boxer that most people do not know.

John Gotti III is an American mixed martial arts born in November 2, 1992.

He had a record of 8 fights in the mixed martial arts competition, he won 7 fights and lost one.

While Floyd Mayweather was born on February24, 1977, and had a record of 50 boxing fights, he won them all.

John is 30 years old while Floyd is 46 years old.

Back to the fight, the full fight was a full trash talking and Mayweather is still good as a boxer, and it seems that John Gotti was there as a punching bag, He is physically strong but the boxing skills and techniques are not there at all, and we barely see him through punches, He was there to be punched.

The referee had to stop the fight during the sixth round because things started to get out of control, this is when Gotti run toward Floyd and started punching, that was crazy because Gotti was not that violent during the fight :)

When Floyd left the ring, another fight started again in the ring as if it was street fight between drunk people.

Let's watch :)