The referee Tony Weeks had a bloody day at work

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 It is very clear that boxing is one of the most and fighting sports and martial arts too, and no matter calling it by a sweet name such as the noble art, but what is happening on the ring is far away from that, because it is simply fighting to knock out or knock down the opponent :)

Boxing is a sport that helps people to get fit and also defend themselves, but the competition is another level that only few practitioners can reach. 

Boxing in the beginning was even more brutal than nowadays, especially that it was practiced with bare knuckles with the gloves we see today, which means that it was causing more damage to both fighters. 

We can see that bare knuckles fights are coming back and fights are organized which is too risky for those who decide to do this competition. 

The article today is more about the referee and not the boxers because he was simply the hero of that fight for one reason, which is handling this bloody fight between Badou Jack and Marcus Browne.

The referee Tony Weeks who had a huge experience as a referee in boxing was the main referee for the boxing match between Badou Jack and Marcus Browne. In this fight Tony looked like a butcher and his shirt was full with blood.

The man in the middle  the referee Tony Weeks stepped out of the ring after 12 brutal rounds with his shirt stained by blood.

One person wrote on Twitter:  "Holy moly..!!! You know it was an epic fight when the referee looks like this." 

Another said: "This isn’t my local butcher. It’s the ref from the Fury fight tonight." 

And a third added: "If the ref looks like this after a boxing match, you know you’ve just watched one hell of a great match."